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This is the accompanying podcast for the Laugh Riot comedy showcase, held every second Saturday at the Naked City Brewery in Seattle, and is hosted by Derek Sheen and Ryan Casey. This episode also features Portland comedian Tyler Shnup!

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Laugh Riot Episode 2

This is the accompanying podcast for the Laugh Riot comedy showcase, held every second Saturday at the Naked City Brewery in Seattle, and is hosted by Derek Sheen and Ryan Casey. This episode also features Portland comedians Bri Pruett and Nariko Ott!

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Laugh Riot is a comedy show co-hosted by stand-up comedians Derek Sheen and Ryan Casey. It's held monthly at the Naked City Brewery and quarterly at the historic Neptune Theater in Seattle. This is the first episode of the Laugh Riot podcast where Derek, Ryan, and Mark (the reluctant producer) talk about the past live shows and let you know what they have in store for the future.

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The FINAL episode of the briefly lost podcast, "Don't You Dare!" Hosted by Solomon Georgio, Lindy West, and Meagan Hatcher Mays. Sadly this is the last hilarious episode and it also marks the emigration of Meagan from Seattle to St. Louis. I had a great time producing this show and if I had to do it all over again I probably do the exact same thing. Enjoy! - Producer Mark

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This is episode 5 of the almost forgotten podcast, "Don't You Dare!" hosted by Solomon Georgio, Lindy West, and Meagan Hatcher Mays. The great rye chip debate continues, but first the gang decide it's time to lay down a few ground rules before catch em' ups, entertainment news, and microwavable pork rinds. Enjoy! - Producer Mark 

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Here we go again! This is episode 4 of the resurrected Don't You Dare Podcast. Which was hosted by Solomon Georgio, Lindy West, and Meagan Hatcher Mayes. Prepare yourself for more hilarious, but dated, entertainment news and stories of intrigue. Enjoy! - Producer Mark

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The third episode of the resurrected podcast "Don't You Dare" hosted by Solomon Georgio, Lindy West, and Meagan hatcher Mayes. Tune in for an epic Catch Em' Ups, another installment of Books LIVE, and of corse they discuss the entertainment news of the day. Enjoy! - Producer Mark

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This is the second episode of the Don't You Dare podcast, which was recorded a few years back, but never released... till now! Solomon, Lindy, and Meagan are obviously much more comfortable this time around and manage to put out one of the best episodes. Enjoy! - Producer Mark

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Since I'm still paying for the hosting service for Delicious Mediocrity (R.I.P.) I thought I might as well use it. Luckily, I have several episodes of another podcast I produced a few years ago that, for numerable reasons, was not able to make it out the gate. It was called, "Don't You Dare" and hosted by comedic princeling Solomon Georgio, internet heartthrob Lindy West, and future president of the United States of America Meagan Hatcher-Mays. Enjoy! - Producer Mark

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Derek, Doug, and Mark have a special announcement to make about the future of the podcast!

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Aaron Roden is the host of the popular Air-Raid Podcast, which is also recorded here in Seattle. As soon as we start recording it becomes apparent why so many people listen to his show...We are really hoping that this cross promotion gets us some new listeners for us. Enjoy!

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Scott Moran is welcomed back onto the show with open arms, hearts, and minds. Scott is formerly from Seattle, who now lives in NYC, and he is currently touring all over the country. We had a great time talking to him about all things comedy and nostalgia. Enjoy!

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Monica Hamburg is from Vancouver, B.C. and the host of the podcast S&M Rants. She is an all around wonderful lady and, Jesus Christ did we have a great time with her as a guest. Enjoy!

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Sarah Skilling is on e of our favorite up and coming comedians here in Seattle. We had a great time talking to her and are still in awe of the story of how she lost her virginity. Awesome. Enjoy!

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Anthony Robinson is a comedian from Seattle's neighboring city of Tacoma, who is quickly rising in the ranks of NW comedy. We have a fun chat about stand up comedy, talking to girls, and James Brown. Enjoy!

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Alex Koll is a comedian from San Francisco, USA! Sadly, we did not find out till afterwards that Alex is also a two time winner of the San Francisco Regional Air-Guitar Championship, so we did not get to talk about that. Dammit! We did have a great chat about movies and comic books, though. Enjoy!

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This week we are excited to welcome Rory Scovel back on the show. Rory has been seen on Conan O'Brian, John Oliver's N.Y. stand up show, and is a regular guest on the Todd Glass Show. He also recently recorded his first comedy album titled, Dilation. We talk extensively about Karaoke, Zombies, and Movies. Enjoy! 

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Joe Klocek is a comedian from San Francisco who has been seen on Comedy Central's LIVE at Gotham and NBC's Last Comic Standing. We talk about the San Fran Comedy Competition and dicks. Enjoy!

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Devin Baddoo and Daniel Duarte are a comedy duo who are also a part of the Seattle comedy show, The Humor Program. This is a great episode where Devin starts innumerable improv games while Dan tries to pretend he's not REALLY high. Enjoy!

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Eric Lincoln Hurst is a stand-up comedian and music buff just like our beloved Derek Sheen. We had a great talk about Eric's sketchy retirement plans and the science of cryogenically freezing your head. Enjoy! 

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Ryan Hamilton is a comedian who has been on Conan, Last Comic Standing and Live at Gotham. He used to live here in Seattle, so we talk about the Seattle comedy scene and moving around the country as a comedian. Featuring the wine induced rants, ramblings, and improv of Derek Sheen! Enjoy!

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Daniel "Danno" Carroll is back! Dan is a former Seattle comedian, and a founding member of the People's Republic of Komedy, who now resides in NYC. We had a great time catching up with him and making fun of his ever present "buddy" Pete Tran. Enjoy!

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Billy Wayne Davis is a stand up comedian from Nashville who has strong roots here in Seattle. Derek hosts this one solo and talks to Billy about living and growing up in the south. Enjoy!

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Mike Drucker is a stand-up comedian and a contributing writer for Saturday Night Live and The Onion. We have wanted to get Mike on the show for the last year and Derek almost refused to let him go. Pactically every subject is covered in this extra long episode along with some of the worst impressions you have ever heard. Enjoy!

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Patrick Keane is a comedian from L.A. who's up here competeing in the Seattle International Comedy Competition. We talk about the competition, selling merch, developing as a comedian, and the dreation of man. This episode also features a special co-host, David Tveite. Enjoy!

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You might remember Joe Henry as one of the original co-hosts of this podcast. He was also a polarizing figure in the Seattle comedy scene and has a reputation of dominating a conversation. Doug sits down with Joe for a heart to heart to answer the question, "What the hell is Joe's problem?" Enjoy! 

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Tristan Devin is a stand up comedian, thespian, improvisor, and this week's guest!!! He is also a member of Seattle's own The People's Republic of Comedy! comedy is talked about! Enjoy!

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"The Wives Podcast"! That's right Doug and Derek invite their wives onto the show who force them to tell embarrassing stories about themselves. Their names are Rosalie Gale and Alanya Cannon, we are sure you can deduce which one is married to Doug Gale and which one would rather not be known as Derek Sheen's wife. Enjoy! 

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Jeremy Whitman is a soft spoken Seattle comedian that has a problem with Facebook, exgirlfriends, and his shotgun. Listen to Jeremy over-share and then immediately regret it. Also, the opinions expressed by Derek Sheen on this podcast do not nessecarily reflect those of Doug and Mark. Enjoy!

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Beka Barry is witty, hilarious, and some might politly say, "unstable". We don't quite remember what we talked about, but she kept us on our toes the entire time. So, please join us for the epic journey we like to call, "Spending an hour with Beka Barry". Enjoy!

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Corbett Cummins is a stand up comedian and member of Seattle comedy group, Children of the Atom. We talk with Corbett breifly before Derek takes over and tells us about how he was kicked out, let back in, and then eliminated from the San Francisco Comedy Competition. Enjoy!

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Kevin Hyder is one of the founding members of Seattle's infamous underground comedy organization, the People's Republic of Komedy (PROK). We talk about how PROK has evolved over the years and about what is in store for the future. Doug also makes Kevin confirm, or deny, embarrassing stories about himself. Enjoy!

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Elicia Sanchez is a Seattle stand up comedian and host of our sister podcast, The Enematic Cinematic! We talk about "roomates", comic book movies, and how to take a joke. Enjoy!

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We are super excited this week to have writer/comedian Lindy West as our guest! Lindy is the former Film Editor for the Stranger and a future novelist. She tells us all about her plans to move to L.A. and about writing her book. Have fun listening to us get drunk. Enjoy!

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Geoff Lott is one of the many amazing stand up headliners in the Seattle area. So, naturally we talk shop about the Seattle comedy scene and Geoff shares some great stories. Geoff is a very funny man and we know you'll enjoy this one!

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We had a great time talking to comedian Rodger Lizaola at the Seattle Comedy Underground. We might have talked about one of the old bartenders that worked there and how Rodger scored the "Auggie Smith Point" at the Seattle Comedy Competition. Enjoy! 

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Aham is a brilliant comedian, writer, and musician with an amazing life story. We where privlaged to have him on the show and have him share some of his stories. Enjoy!

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Jake Barker and David Tveite (toy-tea?) are two Seattle comedians that make up 2/3rds of a talkshow called, The Humor Program. This episode is a refreshing break from older comedians reminiscing about Giggles comedy club. We don't remember exactly what we talked about, but we do remember that Jake's shorts were inappropriate to wear in mixed company. Enjoy!

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Timothy Thomas is a female impersonator, writer, improviser, and man about town. You will often see him perform in Seattle as his alter ego, Miss. Anita Goodman. Timothy was an incredible guest and we had a great discussion deconstructing the process of performing live comedy. Enjoy!

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Peter Greyy is the Talent Director for the Seattle International Comedy Competition and a support column in the Seattle comedy scene. Peter talks with us about his own stand up comedy, his dream of one day creating a game show, and about competeing in the comedy competition. Enjoy!

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Another delicious episode this week with Joe Larson being the meat in the Derek and Doug sandwich. Joe shares with us his strategy for getting the maximum amount of stage time in NYC. He also tells a few amazing/tragic stories about working corprate gigs and about his first visit to a strip club. Enjoy!

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Our guest this week is Bryan Cook! Bryan is a stand-up comic and books great comedy shows in Seattle. Naturally we discuss comedy and then Bryan tells us the story of David T.V. getting wasted and trying to pee in a closet. Enjoy!

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Drew Barth is/was an amazing Seattle comedian and we were lucky enough to catch him right before he moved to L.A.! Drew talks with us about his "clean comedy" style, MCing comedy shows, and about his notorious incident at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Enjoy!

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to welcome Seattle comedian and semi-professional wrestler, Owen Straw! So naturally, we talk with Owen about his days with SSP (Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling) and how he manages to make a living off of stand up comedy. Enjoy!

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Our guest is Seattle comedian and host of the "Table For One" podcast, Mike Cummings! When Mike is not busy making fun of our podcast we get a chance to talk with him about his comedy. We've wanted to have Mike on the show forever and we had a great time. Enjoy!

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Comedians Steve Hoffstetter and Lance Weiss breezed through Seattle a while back and stumbled unwittingly onto our podcast. They tell us about working the college comedy circuit and how they deal with joke thieves. Enjoy! 

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For our 50th episode we have a very special guest, Seattle comedy luminary, Mr. Duane Goad! Duane shares some of his favorite stand-up stories and much, much more. Enjoy!

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Grant Lyon is our guest this week! Grant is a stand-up comedian and contributor to the Huffington Post. So, naturally we have a great conversation about politics and comedy that is lightly sweetened with dick jokes.  Enjoy!

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Seattle comedian Dan Moore talks with us about making a movie in Paris, his trip around the world, and his history in the Seattle comedy scene. This is a great, and rare, chat with one of Seattle's most elusive comedians. Enjoy!

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This is our last episode recorded at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival with guests Yogi Paliwal, Daniel Carroll & Maria Heinegg! This was actually the first one we recorded at Bridgetown, but we are presenting it to you last. Not because they aren't funny, but because they don't have any T.V. credits. Enjoy!

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 James Adomian, Andy Peters, Cornell Reed, Nick Rutherford & Paul Danke are ALL our guests! Things start off routine then Derek and Doug get kicked off of their own podcast when James Adomian shows up. Recorded at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Enjoy!

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Another Bridgetown Comedy Festival episode! This time we got Dan St.Germain, Tony Sam and Nick Turner to sit down and talk with us about Andy Dick's dick, Portland stripclubs, and skull-fucking. Enjoy! 

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This week we met up with the Andy Kaufman Award wining, Brent Weinbach at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival! We were very excited to have Brent on the show, because he is one of the most unique and innovative stand-up comedians in the country. We talk about our favorite childhood toys, smooth jazz and GERMS! Then Brent and Derek have a moment of over-sharing that might rival Jesse Case's piss-bottle story. 

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THE UBER-PODCAST!!! This is a very special episode we recorded at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, Oregon. We merged our show with Andras Jones', "Radio8ball" and Andy Dick's, "The Shit Show" to form an incredible podcasting force. Listen as Andy Dick answers all of our questions with a song! Other guests include: AndrewAndrew, Andy Peters, Claudia Cogan and Hillary Buckholtz. Enjoy!

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Comedian Jaqi Furback is our guest this week! We get into a good conversation with Jaqi about our mental health, use of the C-word, and dealing with the misogyny of male stand-up comics. This episode is dedicated to the memory of our good friend Chris Cavanaugh who died the day we recorded this. Fuck Cancer!

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This week we are joined by comedian, story teller, former winner of the Seattle Comedy Competition and Canadian, Damonde Tschritter! We met up with Damonde at the Comedy Underground to talk about telling jokes about your girlfriend, American and Canadian politics and athletic steroid use. Then Damonde tells us a couple stories that will surely make it into the halls of comedic folklore. Enjoy! 

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Wow! Travis Vogt & Kevin Clarke return, for the third time, as guests on our podcast and they do not disappoint. Travis and Kevin are comedians and film makers who recently finished filming their critically acclaimed series, "Adventure Buddies". No scripts this time around, just raw Travis and Kevin goodness! We talk about their original sketch group name, necrophilia, George Lucas, and answer the eternal question, "What would the world be like if Shakespeare had never existed?" This one's a doozy!

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This week we are joined by Seattle comedian, cartoonist, and creator of the Ham Radio Podcast, Mr. Brett Hamil! We talk with Brett about his podcast, the open mic he runs at Thurst Lounge, "Craig's List Comics", criticizing other comedians, and so much more! Enjoy!

Direct download: DM_39.mp3
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This week we are honored to have the host of the Dork Forest podcast and comedian extraordinaire, Jackie Kashian! Jackie talks with us about her favorite comic books and RPGs as well as comedy, comedy and more comedy. A must listen for any comedy nerd! FYI: there's an abrupt start to this episode, but they are talking about Maria Bamford at the very beginning. Enjoy!

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Today we are joined by the most adored comedian in Seattle, Miss Danielle Radford! This episode shines a light on Danielle's ADD and OCD as she tells us about bizarre superstitions and the "5 Napkin System". Derek reveals the 3 actual reasons why people start doing stand-up comedy.Finally Delicious Mediocrity would like to apologize for the two old married hosts that fixated on your boobs the entire show. Enjoy!

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While Doug was being lazy in Chicago, Derek decided to hangout in the greenroom at the Seattle Comedy Underground and talk to Kortney Shane Williams and Eddie Brill. Kortney talks with Derek about his up coming move to New York and starting his career. While Eddie talks about booking the David Letterman Show and his love for stand-up comedy. Another great episode. Enjoy!

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One of our favorite comedians, Rylee Newton is back on the show this week! And this time we got her all alone... to record one of our spookiest episodes of all time. Rylee shares with us horrifyingly eerie tales of ghosts, suicide, dieting and acting class. Enjoy!

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Our run of L.A. episodes concludes this week with guests Tracy Tuffs and Jesse Case! Tracy talks with us about his years in the Seattle comedy scene and then tells us how internet porn works. Side note: Do you feel lazy sometimes? Don't worry, because Jesse is about to make you feel a lot better about yourself! Listen in amazement as he defends a practice that rightfully died out with the invention of indoor plumbing. Enjoy!

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Our L.A. saga continues with comedian Geoff Brousseau and the return of ex-host Adam Smith! Geoff and Adam share several hilarious stories about working as actors/comedians in L.A. Also, Geoff tells us about a once in a lifetime opportunity that was offered to him, that made us immediately go out and buy the film rights to his life story. That said, if you love Geoff then you should listen to this, because it might be the last time you hear him before he literally explodes at 550 mph. Enjoy! 

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For L.A. episode #3 we are joined by comedian/actor/film maker, Tony Moser! Tony talks with us about his upcoming film, "Dangerous" and then we go for a stroll down Seattle comedy's memory lane. Enjoy!

Direct download: DM_32.mp3
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A rare tour de force this week featuring two amazing comics. This show is a departure from our regular interview format, but a mindblower nonetheless. Listen high, if you can.

Direct download: DM_31.mp3
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For our first L.A. episode we are finally joined, in person, by one of our favorite comedians, Andy Peters! Andy talks with us about his experiences starting to do comedy in LA, as well as some of his favorite live comedy shows in town. He also shares a couple stories about how his stage presence has caused him some trouble. Plus, a few new subjects are broached including, professional wrestling, lawn darts and the proper application of make-up. Enjoy! 

Direct download: DM_30.mp3
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Gabriel Rutledge is a former winner of the Seattle Comedy competition, he has appeared on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and now he is a guest on our podcast. The subtitle for this episode should be, "How to be a stand-up comedian". We talk to Gabriel about mistakes that new comics make, judging your skills as a comedian, "Taking the Leap" and even how to introduce a comic to the stage. Gabriel also tells us about a couple of his Best/Worst gigs and a couple stories about comedy record labels that are a must listen. Enjoy!

Direct download: DM_29.mp3
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This week's guest is Nashville comedian Billy Wayne Davis! Billy tells us about his wedding, impending divorce and the DUI that happened in between. Then a round table discussion breaks out about writing scripts, children and the south. Finally, the show wraps with a creepily in depth discussion about lesbian sex scenes in movies. Enjoy!

Direct download: DM_28.mp3
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This week's guests are NYC comedians Andy Haynes and Scott Moran! The podcast starts off a little awkward when Doug asks Scott for the $10 he owes him. Andy talks about being on the Jimmy Fallon Show. Also discussed are airport pranks, NYC neighborhoods and masturbating arsonists. Enjoy!

Direct download: DM_27.mp3
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This week our guest is yet another Seattle comedian that resides in L.A., Alysia Wood! We talk to Alysia about her upcoming album being put out by Stand Up records. She also talks about her mysterious epic project simple titled, "The Story". Also, Derek makes up a contest that has already fallen through. So DO NOT attempt to enter the mentioned contest, because it no longer exists. Oh, and many Steven Brody Stevens Impressions are made. Enjoy!

Direct download: DM_26_edit.mp3
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Some of our more astute listeners may have already noticed that we skipped episode 24. That was due to the botched recording of this Hari Kondabolu interview. The quality is not as good as the rest of our episodes, but we cleaned it up and agree that it is listenable. This is a great episode where Hari, Derek and Doug have an in depth talk about Seattle comedy. Enjoy! 

Direct download: DM_24.mp3
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This week we are joined by comedian/song writer, Meghan Hounshell! With a special drop-in appearance by comedian, and former manager of the Comedy Underground, Ron Reid! Both Meghan and Ron challenge Derek to change his "Guitar Comedy" hating ways. There is a round of sharing bad road gig stories. Derek and Doug talk about struggling to come up with a clean set, which is quickly followed by everyone sharing their rape jokes. Enjoy!

Direct download: DM_25.mp3
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This week we welcome two old friends, Daniel Carroll and Emmett Montgomery, to the show for the very first time! We talk about why comedians love booze, the ethics behind talking shit about other comedians, NY comedy shows, higher education, Pete "Street Fighter" Tran, and soooo much more. Enjoy!

Direct download: DM_23.mp3
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This week we got two of Seattle's most talented young comedians, Yogi Paliwal and David T.V. We discuss the ethics of making fun of foreign countries, Dan Brown novels, Samoan wrestlers, open-mic stories, racist encounters, and  the effect of internet pornography on today's youth. Enjoy!

Direct download: DM_22.mp3
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This week features the reluctant return of Seattle stand up comedian, Solomon Georgio! Of course, we discuss the debauchery that happened on the show last time Solomon was a guest. Solomon tells us about some of his most memorable strip club visits, where we all discover "Sharky's Strip Club". We also get a fascinating glimpse into Solomon's relationship with his mother. Plus, Doug introduces a new segment entitled, Auto-Correct the Drunk. Enjoy!

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This week we have stand up comedians Drake Witham and Elicia Sanchez on the podcast. Drake has been on Live at Gotham and is a former winner of the Seattle Comedy Competition. Elicia is the host of our sister podcast, The Enematic Cinematic. We talk about bad/cult movies, weddings, singer/songwriter Meatloaf, with mildly inappropriate/offensive comments made in between. Sorry. Enjoy!

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This episode marks a new era in Delicious Mediocrity! We are now down to two just hosts, Derek and Doug, and we think the podcast is better for it. So, to celebrate the loss of dead weight we talk to comedian Lizzy Pilcher about her move from Seattle to L.A., cockroaches, comedy competitions, and stool humping guitar comics. Enjoy!

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Stand-up Comedians Jesse Case and Auggie Smith join us this week to discuss a vast array of topics. Jesse talks about his life in L.A., Auggie contemplates what it means to be a successful stand-up comedian, conspiracy theories are debated, legal questions are answered, Derek tells a strip club story, and we find out that Jesse might be gay. Enjoy!

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Back to basics! With Adam Smith moving to L.A. next month we thought it would be good to just sit down and have a chat between the three of us. We get into a deep conversation about recording music and comedy. Doug and Derek talk a little bit about Seattle's late Rock N' roll Comedy Show. Doug finally explains to us what the hell "Shower Art" is. And Derek tells another amazing story about getting pulled over by the California State Highway Patrol. Enjoy!

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This is the second half of our extended interview with Rick Shapiro. Rick talks to us about how he got started in comedy, which leads him into sharing with us his past as a mob errand boy, and his times as a male prostitute. Plus, it wouldn't be an episode of Delicious Mediocrity if we didn't discuss the Tea Party movement. A truly insightful, and hilarious, end to our interview with Rick Shapiro. Enjoy!

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We were honored to have comedian Rick Shapiro as our guest! Rick talks to us about his role on HBO's Lucky Louie, his relationships with women, L.A., sex, and his twin brother. We had such a great time that we recorded an extra long show and split it into two parts. So, this is the first half of our talk with Rick Shapiro and the second half will be out next week. Enjoy!

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This week is the triumphant return of Travis Vogt and Kevin Clarke! Travis and Kevin stop by to talk about the next episode of their second epic film project, "Adventure Buddies". And read another horrible script from the notoriously anonymous writer of, "True Love Prevails All". Enjoy!

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Holy crap, what a great episode! This week we a joined by L.A. stand-up comedian Andy Peters and Seattle, comedian, and writer, Paul Merrill. The boys discuss Utili-Kilts, Segways, bad gigs, "work parties", and Derek's past snoring problem. And of course this episode is dedicated to the late Greg Giraldo and his family. Enjoy!

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This week's guest is stand up comedian Andy Haynes, who is fresh from doing a killer set on the Jimmy Fallon Show! Andy graciously agreed to call in and talk to us about buffets and Delicious Mediocrity's favorite subject, Joe Henry. We also tackle the subject of Canada and then listen to Derek regale us with another tale of bone chilling terror. Enjoy!

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Episode 11's guest (and maybe Joe's replacement?) is comedian, and "Shower Artist", Douglas Gale! This week we discuss the possibility of Derek having children, and what effect Derek's child might have on society as a whole, adoption vs. impregnating, and cats. Then we speculate what Joe might be doing in Canada at this very moment...where is he? What is he wearing? What episode of the Gilmore Girls is he watching? 

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This week Derek invades Seattle's infamous music/art/comedy festival, Bumbershoot! Our guests include comedians Tony Sam, John McKay, Travis Vogt, and Kevin Clark! You also get the privilege of listening to Derek talk to true American champions, and the hardest working Air-Guitar Band in the world, AIRPOCALYPSE!!!

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